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GALAXY S III officially launched in Vietnam - Smartphones - let alone understand
Date: 23/07/2014

With the GALAXY S III, Samsung has brought a whole new concept smartphone - a phone that can understand and interact with the user.

Ho Chi Minh City - 05 May 28 2012, Samsung Electronics Co., Vietnam officially unveiled smartphone GALAXY S III in Vietnam. In addition to exquisite design inspired by nature, the most impressive feature of Galaxy SIII is the ability to understand, interact with users through unique features such as intelligent beautiful Elective (Best photo) , the movie just chat (Pop Up Play), data sharing at a glance (S Beam), Waking sleeping with you (Stay Smart), do not press Call number (Direct call). After 2 successful Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy S II before it, the Galaxy S III promises to create a new craze in the market in Vietnam this year.

Sophisticated design inspired by nature

Samsung Galaxy S III design inspired by the movement and flow of nature, with a combination of elements from wind, water and pebbles to create the rounded contours nicely designed. The touch interface touch UX on the Galaxy S III enhance human emotions by using the circle created ripples when you touch the screen, animated nature wallpaper change over time and the user's time.

The machine's sound as a ringtone incoming calls, messages, voice feedback when unlocking the screen or touch the screen ... are imitative voice sound as natural streams or water drop.

Super AMOLED screen technology Samsung also be upgraded to HD resolution on the Galaxy S III with a 16:9 aspect ratio, wide viewing angle and sharp pictures, vivid than ever. In addition, ultra-thin contour of Galaxy S III will also help the larger screen size (4.8 inches) without affecting the size of the machine. 4.8 inch screen size of the Galaxy S III is designed to create entertainment experiences and best interact on a mobile device that is compact or pocket use.

Galaxy S III will be available on the market with 2 colors: blue sapphire and pearl white.

Smartphone - let alone understand

Elective beautiful - Best Photo: One of the concerns of smartphone users to take a picture is to get a best picture, best clarity. Capturing unique feature on the Galaxy S III is Best photo will address this concern you. Galaxy SIII will capture 8 images continuously and automatically help you pick out a best photos, most clearly in a special moment that you do not want to miss.

Just chat while watching movies - Pop Up Play: When you're watching movies on smartphones, it's annoying to have to get out to see and reply to messages. The "Pop Up Play" helps users can watch movies through a small window on your screen while you perform other tasks. This is a unique feature only available on Galaxy SIII.

Share glance - S Beam: GALAXY S III offers the possibility to share experiences to relatives and friends most easily and quickly using the "S Beam". Just flick back 2 Galaxy S III to another machine, you can share the contents 1GB movie in only 3 minutes or a music file 5MB in a flash.

Waking Sleeping with you - Smart Stay: With the usual smartphone, the experience on the phone will be limited, because every time the user does not touch the screen in a predetermined period of time, the screen will automatically turn off . For the Galaxy S III, the "Stay Smart" can track the eye movements of the user is on the phone operation (such as when reading a book or surfing the web ...) and when the screen is bright, eye users still work, but will automatically shut off when eyes closed long or leave the screen.

Mr. Cho Hee Seok, CEO of Samsung Vina said, "With the GALAXY S III, Samsung has optimized the user experience on the phone with the new features bring high humanity users. And we are most proud of the GALAXY S III is that this device is capable of understanding and interacting with the user to provide a real life smart and interesting than ever. We believe that the Galaxy S III will create a new phenomenon, which continues the successful Galaxy S line of phones has done before. "

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