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Balancing school and play to help children math
Date: 23/07/2014

To provide a new way to learn math for elementary students, recently launched Samsung Applications ViOlympic - I good at Math on the Smart TV. This application also helps parents learn together, play with children, help children add favorite subjects.

Math delight training on Smart TV
ViOlympic - I was born good at math oriented application development fun, education and entertainment on your Samsung Smart TV. Students who love math will not unfamiliar with ViOlympic - I'm good at math, because this application is modeled according to the content of the contest "Solving over the Internet" (the Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with FPT University held each year), but way more intuitive interaction.

In addition to features such as test registration, news updates from the contest "Solving over the Internet", this app also provide the bank with 10,000 practicing questions from simple to advanced, to help children get accustomed after each training cycle.

Corresponding to each grade level, the child will undergo 19 rounds, with each round consisting of 3 all-time maximum of 20 minutes / post. Specifically, children can freely "choose" round practice liking. With this feature, if wanted, can completely redo the old practice round until maturity, or progress to higher practice round to try the difficult questions and increasing knowledge.

Balance between learning and play
While the usual way through math books, pen size or counting sticks ... sometimes a child can quickly bored, ViOlympic applications - brings you good at math kids math intuitive way, much more vividly. Now, the problem is not all traditional style threads that are transformed into fun games, revolves around 8 format key: Sort, Find couples equally, Slalom, treasure hunt, golden toad talented, intellectual Mountaintop, Complete calculations, the wise monkeys. The characters in the game like chick myopia cute, friendly guy dinosaurs, mischievous monkey will make kids excited ... at first saw.

Only by control keys up / down / left / right, the number keys and the Enter key on the remote, parents and children can go through several rounds of practice attractive as helping the family search for pairs of rabbits equally valuable to harvest carrots, banana pickers for cute monkey puzzle table by the results of the calculation correct or help the goalkeeper defending the golden toad when choosing the correct answer.

By practicing regularly with ViOlympic application - I was good in math, children will learn to balance work and play. Through it, they will find themselves magically cohesion of the calculation, the number, skills training were compared, analyzed, and most important observation is building real passion for subjects this study.

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