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Galaxy S II Samsung breaking records with 3 million orders
Date: 23/07/2014

After causing fever in South Korea, Galaxy S II continues to achieve more success in the international market with 3 million orders.



This figure was a record-breaking sales of Samsung's earlier, less mobile form of subscribers have purchased a lot like the Galaxy S II.

This figure accounts for a third of the number expected Samsung Galaxy S II sold in 2011. Prior to that, it features will target 10 million to consumers. Galaxy S II appeared in February and became the most anticipated smartphone in the Android segment.

Galaxy S II users have to manually South Korea, England. Samsung said it will be available in 120 countries and 140 different networks in the world.

The smartphone runs Android 2.3, has the dual core 1.2GHz processor, wide screen 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus, 8 megapixel camera supports full HD recording capabilities and powerful connection.

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