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Application store Samsung Apps for TV reaches 5 million downloads
Date: 25/07/2014

- YouTube ™ application is the most downloaded globally as well as in America and Britain.
- Downloads of Samsung Apps help increase rapidly achieve impressive success after only 14 months of launch
- Samsung Apps can add new payment services through mobile phones.

SEOUL, South Korea, May 23, 2011 - Samsung Electronics Co. has announced Samsung Apps, the first application store for the television world, has exceeded 5 (five) million downloads worldwide. The online video applications are applications that are downloaded most, including YouTube ™ application downloads the leading global well as in the U.S., UK and many other countries.


The application helps to share experiences and connect family members is the most common application today. After YouTube ™, the first application in the top rankings of downloads including Vimeo (No. 4 Global, No. 1 Latin America and the United Arab Emirates agreed UAE), Blockbuster (No. 6 Global , No. 2 U.S.) and DAILYMOTION (No. 9 global, No. 1 Russia). The application provides information as Google Maps (No. 2), AccuWeather (No. 3) and USA Today (No. 7) as well as the application achieve impressive number of downloads. "It's no surprise that apps are the most downloaded on the global and regional scale. Television is a device for families and for anyone who wants to seek relaxation from the TV. the application opens the door to enter the consumer discover other experiences on their TV like gaming and social networking, and many offers endless possibilities created by the publisher application development, "said Kang-hyun Kwon, senior vice president, media Solution Center of Samsung Electronics said. Launched in February 2010, Samsung Apps for TV has rolled 2 million downloads mark in January 1/2011, after nearly a year of operation.


From that time to this milestone, in just 4 months, the number of downloads of apps from Samsung Apps machines has increased rapidly, from 2 million to 5 million, an average of about 25,000 per day. Currently Samsung Apps were present in 120 countries around the globe with more than 550 applications designed specifically for TV, in which the number of apps to play games, watch movies and providing information account for nearly 60%. Since the launch of Samsung Apps for TV, Samsung has successfully organized effort competitions application development and worldwide deployment of multi-faceted marketing campaign to support smart TV (Smart TV ). Community developers of Samsung apps also growing rapidly and has grown to be the leading application in the application list for a fee, including Skyview, an application to create constellations and sound of the night sky, the app is currently the second best selling expenses in the United States. "The success of the development of our applications and the rapid increase in the number of application downloads from app store Samsung Apps is evidence that the new application is designed specifically for those undergoing TV viewing experience occupied an important position in the consumer's living room. applications is one of the cornerstones of the smart TV experience, comprehensive and will continue to grow both in quantity and diversity content, "said Kevin Kyungshik Lee, Vice Chairman of the Audiovisual industry Samsung Electronics said. To support clients buy and download apps pc, Samsung Apps has added payment services via mobile messaging. With the payment process simple and safe, this new payment service that allows people to buy apps (both for TV applications and applications for mobile phones) only conduct transactions with two keystrokes. Buy application fee can be charged to your phone bill or be deducted from the balance on the customer's SIM card. Compared with the existing forms of payment such as credit cards, prepaid cards and cyber cash payment online, create a new payment method more convenient and easier for the payment, especially with the customer does not want to provide sensitive information such as credit card information.


Payment service via mobile phone messages will be deployed to customers in stages in 2011. From April 28, services will be provided in the UK and other countries including: Europe: Germany , Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India service will be extended to other countries later this year. For more information about the growth of Samsung Apps, please see the attached information graphics. About Company Samsung Electronics: Samsung Electronics Company (Samsung Electronics) is a leading company in the field of semiconductor devices, telecommunications, accessories and digital products and digital convergence technologies with total revenue in 2010 reached U.S. $ 135.8 billion. With the number of employees up to 190 500 people in 206 offices in 68 countries around the world, including Samsung Electronics Co. 8 independent sector activities: Media Production, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Household digital, Information technology Solutions, the digital image technology, semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. Recognized as one of the global brands have the fastest growth rate, Samsung Electronics is a producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and liquid crystal displays leading.

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